Malcolm Guy


Malcolm Guy is a director and producer of documentary and fiction films, President and co-founder of Productions Multi-Monde. Malcolm is active in immigrant rights organizations and in the independent film community. He contributed to establishing the international film fest Rencontres International du Documentaire de Montréal (RIDM), the Observatoire du Documentaire, the distribution company Les Films du 3 Mars, and is a member of DOC (the Documentary Organisation of Canada). He is a founding member of the Centre for Philippine Concerns in Montreal and is presently a member of the executive.


2018: After the storm, Consulting Director, Development and Peace
2014: Honour your word, Producer
2013: Red Square on a blackboard (Carré rouge sur fond noir), Executive Producer, Télé-Québec
• Prix Gémeaux – Best Social Documentary; Best script
2012: Being Chinese in Quebec: a road movie , Producer, Co-director (TV version – Canal D)
2012: The end of immigration ?, Co-director, Radio-Canada, RDI
2008: Philippines: Waging War on the People, Director/Producer, Centre for Philippine Concerns
2006 : Bledi, This is Our Home, Co-Director, Télé-Québec
2006 : My Friend Ana, Executive Producer, CBC
2004 : Rebel Music Americas, Co-Director, Télé-Québec and TV5
• Roma Independent Film Festival, Italy – Best Documentary
2004 : Turbulent Waters, Co-Director, Producer, Télé-Québec
2003 : Cherry Fruitbread, Executive Producer
• Montreal World Film Festival– Audience Award, Best Canadian Short
2002 : Rebel Music Québec, Executive Producer, Télé-Québec
2002 : The Corridart Affair, Producer, CFCF
2002 : The Melca Salvador Story, Director/Producer (with Joey Calugay and Eylem Kaftan)
2000 : A Time of Love and War, Producer, WTN
• Rhode Island International Film Festival – Best Documentary
1999 : Pressure Point : Inside the Montreal Blockade, Co-Director, Producer, Télé-Québec
• Quebec Film Critic’s Association – Best Documentary
1999 : When Strangers Reunite Producer, Vision TV, WTN, Knowledge Network, SCN
1997 : Modern Heroes, Modern Slaves, Producer, CBC
• Canadian Association of Journalists – Best Investigative Documentary
1997 : The Suit War, Director, Producer, CBC
1995 : Merging Colours, Executive Producer, Vision TV, CFCF12 (Montréal)
1993 : Moving the Mountain, Co-Director, Producer, TV5, Vision TV, TV Ontario
1992 : Brown Women Blond Babies, Co-Producer, CBC, Vision TV, Knowledge Network
1991 : Freedom… and Beyond, Director, Vision TV
1990 : Bakwet : Refugees in Their Own Land, Director, Producer, CTV, Société Radio-Canada
1989 : Farmer to Farmer, Director, Producer, Société Radio-Canada, Vision TV
1989 : Kababaihan : Filipina Portraits, Co-Director, Producer, Radio-Québec, Vision TV
1988 : People Power to Military Power, Co-Director, Producer
1988 : Return to Manila, Director, Producer, Radio-Québec, Vision TV
1988 : Il ne faut pas avoir peur de dire le mot, Director, Producer
Other productions 
2005 : Bhaï Bhaï, Co-producer
• Festival Les Musicals, Béziers, France – Best short
2001 : Journey to Little Rock, Executive Producer
• Chicago International Children’s Film Festival – Best of Fest Award
1998 : Amarok’s Song, Producer, Words & Pictures, NFB
1997 : Life & Times of Farley Mowat, Producer, CBC
1996 : L’oreille d’un sourd, Producer, Super Écran, Société Radio-Canada