Our mission

Since 1987 MULTI-MONDE has travelled the world to document galley-slave labour in modern cargo ships (Turbulent Waters), private homes in Canada where foreign domestics work as indentured servants (Modern Heroes Modern Slaves), women in the guerilla insurgency in the Philippine jungles (Kababaihan: Filipina Portraits) and the impact of Canadian mining companies in the Chilean Andes where they destroy glaciers to get at the gold underneath (Mirages of El Dorado). The award-winning Red Square on a Blackboard (Carré rouge sur fond noir) took us into the historic student strike that shook Québec society during the now-famous Maple Spring of 2012.

The social and political documentaries which have been PMM’s trademark untangle complex local and international issues while revealing their impact on ordinary people.

Productions Multi-Monde’s award-winning documentaries, like Rebel Music Americas, Honour Your word, Being Chinese in Québec, or The End of Immigration?, short fiction like My Friend Ana (with close to 600,000 hits on You-tube) and animation works like The Stray Dog, have been broadcast on Canadian and international television and selected in film festivals around the world. The production company, where collaborative process and community involvement is encouraged, has been the training ground for many first-time filmmakers, while providing a creative and supportive environment for more experienced filmmakers.

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