Kababaihan: Filipina Portraits

Documentary, 40 minutes, 16 mm, video,
o.v. English, French v. with subtitles
Produced by Malcolm Guy and Marie Boti
Distribution: Diffusion Multi-Monde, The Cinema Guild

Portraits of women activists in the Philippines and their role in the national democratic movement.

Portraits of women women activists from all sectors of Philippine society in the movement to overthrow the Marcos dictatorship in the 1980’s. Women farmers, workers, students, mothers, and revolutionaries of the New People’s Army join forces in the people power uprising that ousts the US-backed President Marcos. We meet beauty queen Nelia Sancho, Sister Mary John Mananzan, head of a private Catholic college, Concha Araneta, guerrilla commander and daughter of a prominent landowning family; Alicia Barros, mother of fallen student leader Lorena Barros, and many more, in this inspiring documentary that introduces some of the heroines of the national democratic movement in the Philippines.