Multi-Monde Distribution

Diffusion Multi-Monde distributes films that touch the heart, inform and awaken the mind.

Distributing with Multi-Monde!

At Multi-Monde, we create and distribute documentaries that stimulate the synapses and open a window on the world. We support creators of today and tomorrow to get their original and socially relevant films to their audiences.

If you are writer, director or project manager with at least one film under your belt  and find that Multi-Monde’s values ​speak to you and inspire you, we invite you to submit your film. We will watch it with interest to determine if it would be suitable for our collection.

We are open to all types of films, particularly cultural, social or political documentaries.  Themes like the environment, art, geopolitics and social movements have a privileged place in our collection, which you can consult here.

Cinematographic image and sound quality, the strength of the story or narrative and the quality and creativeness of the editing are key elements we consider.

For Quebec or Canadian productions, having SODEC and/or Telefilm Canada participation in the production is a plus.

Complete the submission form below so we can learn more about your film and consider a possible collaboration. You will receive feedback within 30 days.

The form should include the following:

  • A resume of the director and the author.
  • Information about the producer and production company (if applicable).
  • A letter of intent and a draft distribution plan.
  • Broadcaster list (if any) involved in the project.
  • A link to your film (a DVD is accepted but we cannot guarantee return).

The Multi-Monde team thanks you for your interest and confidence.




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