Balikbayan: Return to Manila

Documentary, 20 minutes, video, documentary
o.v. English, French v. with subtitles
Diffusion Multi-Monde

Two Filipino couples in Canada as political refugees, the Ordonez and the Yuitungs, return to the Philippines of Cory Aquino.

Elenita and Elmer Ordonez were among the first to return to the Philippines after the fall of martial law in 1986 which had driven them into exile in Canada. During their exile, they formed part of the progressive Filipino community here in Montreal and kept up their support for the people’s movement back home, working to build ties of solidarity between Quebec, Canada and the Philippines. We remember Elenita for her passion and pride in the Filipino language and culture. In the Philippines, she had been among the movement of academics promoting Filipino as language of instruction in universities and colleges. We have kept in touch over the years, and much enjoyed our visits with Elenita and Elmer and their family in Imus. In 2012, the Philippines has lost a patriot and an artist and we join her family and friends in mourning the loss of Elenita.

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