Rebel Music Quebec

Documentary,52 minutes, video, documentary,
o.v. French, English v. with subtitles
Produced by Lucie Pageau
Diffusion Multi-Monde

Marie Boti and her team follow the personal and political struggles of four groups of musicians in Quebec. Rebel Music Quebec pumps-up the volume as they unite against the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Quebec City, April 2001.

Performing one-man cabarets, playing klezmer with Da Zock!, or levelling an industrial attack against Ontario’s Mike Harris with Bakunin’s Bum, Norman Nawrocki has been a stalwart fixture on the international anarchist music scene for years, touring Europe with his band Rhythm Activism numerous times. Norman mocks every form of prejudice and isn’t shy of making fun of himself at the same time. Armed with fake nose and moustache or a giant plastic penis, Norman is out to dispel bigotry and injustice by any means necessary. According to Norman laughter is the most effective weapon.

Norman Nawrocki’s Facebook page.

All the info about Norman Nawrocki here.

Loco Locass’s Wikipedia page. You can listen to the group on Spotify.

Landriault, The Anarhcist Rocker. Dressed in faded black, his long blond hair flying behind him, Landriault is towering and impressive. Self-deprecating and introspective in person, on stage his songs are cries for revolt. Landriault puts his raw and provocative presence behind casues that support anarchists, punks, squeegie kids and the homeless. For several years Landriault has collaborated regularly with author, composer and singer LISE GREGOIRE, “his feminine side” as he is fond of saying.

Latin America has been at the forefront of resistance to globalization for 500 years. Acalanto embody this resistance in their music like no other Latin American band based in Quebec. Acalanto follow Chile`s grand tradition of socially engaged music.They sing Violette Parra, Victor Jara, and put Pablo Neruda`s poetry to music. Acalanto use traditional zamponas, quena, charangos and other instruments to fortify the fabric of social solidarity in Quebec.

You can listen to the Ensemble Acalanto on Bandcamp. To follow the Ensemble Facebook page, it’s right here!

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