CALLSHOP ISTANBUL in Grignan, France

CALLSHOP ISTANBUL, the award-winning documentary by Hind Benchekroun and Sami Mermer, has been selected for the winter film festival in Grignan, France (Rencontres Hivernales du Documentaire de Grignan).

The twenty short and feature-length documentaries that make up the program of this second edition of the festival testify to the many takes on the documentary genre and to the talent of filmmakers bearing witness to our times.


Besides Canada, countries represented include France, Ireland, the U.S., India, Iran, Niger and Turkey… a tour of the world to learn about the struggles of men and women who refuse to accept their conditions as the only future possible.

Callshop Istanbul, with its unique look at “migrants” fleeing war and poverty who arrive at the gates of Fortress Europe in search of a better life, is in good company.

Projection: Saturday, February 11, 2017, 9:00 pm

Callshop: accordionist

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