We Are The Menstruators

Documentary; 92 min
Script & Direction : Nadia Giosia
Camera: Gabi Kislat, Roman Zenz
Editor: Chris Malanchen
Sound design: Jeremy Reid
Production: B360 Media

This rock doc offers a brutally candid look at the life of Nadia G who, at the height of her TV success (with her top-rated show Bitchin’ Kitchen airing in 15 countries), abandons her cushy celebrity chef career to pursue her lifelong dream… of fronting a feminist punk band?! It’s a film about punk rock, authenticity, identity and the real cost of ambition. It’s also a film about the American Dream, albeit in reverse. (96 minutes, Canada)

#WATM follows Nadia G’s nosedive down the rabbit hole of L.A’s punk rock scene with surprising candour and unprecedented access. It’s a culture clash of epic proportions as notorious workaholic Nadia G is confronted with pretentious world of musicians, prejudices against her own celebrity, and the real cost of her relentless ambition. Finally, her quest for authenticity takes a wicked turn when Nadia (who is adopted) goes in search of her biological mother. Amidst a cascade of band members abandoning ship and the heart-wrenching reactions of her traditional Italian family, this dark comedy rockumentary morphs into a gripping drama that drives towards a powerful, unexpected and humbling conclusion.


#WATM is the feature directorial debut of Montreal-born celebrity chef and comedian, Nadia G. She has previously written, produced and starred in over 100 hours of TV series and branded entertainment projects. Her shows have been #1 hits on Cooking Channel in the USA, Food Network in the UK and Australia, and have played in over 15 countries worldwide.


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