Manufacturing the threat – 2nd week in Montreal cinema

Following a successful premiere week for “Manufacturing The Threat” at Cinema du Parc in Montreal, screenings will continue DAILY for a 2nd week until September 7, 2023

Q&A session in Montreal Sept 4!

On Monday, September 4, 4:50 pm, film director Amy Miller, and Alexandre Popovic, author of the book, “Manufacturing Threats”, on which the film is based, will be present for a Q&A session following the screening*.

You can purchase the book “Manufacturing Threats” at the theatre, or online at Left Wing Books.

Grab your tickets for screenings at Cinema du Parc

Manufacturing the Threat (En)
Saturday September 2 4:30
Monday September 4 4:50 *
Wednesday September 6 4:30


Produire la Menace (Fr)
Vendredi 1er septembre 16h30
Dimanche 3 septembre 16h30
Mardi 5 septembre 16h30
Jeudi 7 septembre 16h30

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