Make Money. Salut, bonsoir!

Documentary, 52 minutes
Original Version: French (only available in French at this time) (Make Money. Salut, bonsoir!)

Producer: Monique Simard
© 2004 Productions Virage

In April 2002, the Noranda mine in the small community of Murdochville shut down after having served for decades as the town’s economic lifeline. The mine’s closure had a dramatic impact on the residents of the town. Among them: Roger Fortin, stricken with the industrial disease berylliosis; Stéphane Boulay, whose family has been torn apart; and Marc Minville, the mayor of Murdochville, who feels betrayed by both the government and the mining company. Through their stories, this documentary offers a broader look at the slow transformation of this small town on Quebec’s Gaspé peninsula.