Here we remain

Documentary, 52 minutes
Produced by Marlene Edoyan
© 2010 Productions Multi-Monde
in collaboration with Les glaneuses

Following the rhythm of the corn mill, the work in the fields, the preparation of meals and above all the passage of time, Here we remain explores the fabric of life in San Isidro Aloapam, Mexico, through the lives of five locals coping for years with the absence of loved ones. In this small community situated in Oaxaca State, the land, though fertile, is less and less cultivated. Faced with stiff American competition that forces down the price of corn in Mexico, the peasants are paradoxically obliged to go North to work on corporate farms in the United States. As a result, most families from San Isidro Aloapam resort to migration in order to meet their needs.

Rosenda, Modesta, Octavio, Elisabet and Merenciana allow us into the intimate corners of their lives. While some consider migration to be an alternative to poverty, others perceive it as a threat to the survival of the community and question the need to leave. Here we remain is the testimony of those who stay to those who have left, a film about longing for loved ones and hope for a better life.

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