Marlene Edoyan


Marlene Edoyan is a Montreal-based documentary filmmaker and producer. With a keen interest in social, cultural and political issues, Marlene joined Productions Multi-Monde in 2008. She produced Je serai là (2010), and is associate producer for Chants de la détermiNATION (2009 -APTN), Tibet: terre des braves(2011 -TV5), La Grande Invasion (2012 -Télé-Québec), La fin de l’immigration? (2012 -Radio-Canada), along with two films currently in post-production: Être chinois au Québec for Canal D and Honour Your Word.

Marlene previously worked as a production director and artistic director for animated films at Astral Media, mostly internationally co-produced feature-length films for Latin America and TV series for children.

Marlene directed and produced her first feature-length documentary film Figure of Armen, to be released in November 2012 by Diffusion Multi-Monde. She returns to the homeland of her ancestors and questions what it means to be an Armenian in a region devastated by natural disasters and changing borders following the break-up of the USSR. Marlene is of Armenian descent and grew up in Lebanon.


Director and scriptwriter:
Figure of Armen, feature-length documentary (2012)

Je serai là, medium length documentary (2010)
Figure of Armen, feature-length documentary (2012)

Associate Producer:
Chants de la détermiNATION, medium-length documentary (2009) APTN
Tibet:land of the brave, medium-length documentary (2011) TV5
La Grande Invasion, medium-length documentary (2011) Télé-Québec
La fin de l’immigration?, medium-length documentary (2012) Radio-Canada
Être chinois au Québec, medium-length documentary (in post-production) Canal D
Honour Your Word, medium-length documentary (in post-production)