Marie Boti

marieMarie Boti is a co-founder of Productions Multi-Monde with Malcolm Guy. She has been making documentaries since 1987, sharing the lives and struggles of the people and communities she films with. These close relationships are perceptible in her work. Marie creates documentaries that deal with social and political issues at home and abroad, particularly the Philippines. She is a long standing member of the Centre for Philippine Concerns in Montreal.


2012 : The end of immigration?, Co-director, Radio Canada, RDI
2008 : Philippines: Waging War on the People, Co-director, producer
2006 : Five short films on International Women’s Day (Cinq courts métrages sur la Journée Internationale des Femmes de diverses origines) 2001-2005, Co-director, Producer – Parole Citoyenne
2005 : Tournée Musiques rebelles Americas, Producer – Parole Citoyenne
2004 : Rebel Music Americas, Co-Director, Télé-Québec and TV5
Roma Independent Film Festival, Italy – Best Documentary
2002 : Rebel Music Québec, Director and Writer, Télé-Québec
1999 : When Strangers Reunite, Director and Writer, Vision TV, WTN, Knowledge Network, SCN, Co-production NFB
1997 : Modern Heroes, Modern Slaves, Director and Writer, CBC
Canadian Association of Journalists – Best Investigative Documentary
1993 : Elles changent le monde, Director and Co-Writer, Centre Saint-Pierre
1993 : Moving the Mountain, Executive Producer, TV5, Vision TV, TV Ontario
1992 : Brown Women Blond Babies, Director, Producer, CBC, Vision TV, Knowledge Network
1990 : Bakwet : Refugees in their own Land, Co-Writer, co-Producer, CTV, Société Radio-Canada
1989 : Farmer to Farmer, Co-Writer, Producer, Société Radio-Canada, Vision TV
1989 : Kababaihan : Filipina Portraits, Co-Writer, Director, Co-Producer, Radio-Québec, Vision TV
1988 : Return to Manila, Writer, Co-Director, Producer, Radio-Québec, Vision TV
1988 : People Power to Military Power, Co-Director, Writer, Co-Producer