En Quête d’identité(s)

A BKE / Public Sénat co-production
With the involvement of TV5 Monde
With the involvement of CNC and the support of CGET/Acsé
In co-production with Réagir and Productions Multi-Monde
A project co-financed by the Lycée professionnel Charles Baudelaire – Evry, the Conseil Général de l’Essonne, the city of d’Evry, the Ile-de-France region and the OFQJ

Editor : Leslie Garnier
Image : Nicolas Jalu et Élie Séonnet

Elodie, Gül, Hicham and their classmates leave Evry, located just outside of Paris. Together, these fifteen high school students travel to Montreal, Quebec, THE fashionable destination for the French who want to leave France. For these young suburbanites of varying origins, religions and social classes, this trip is an opportunity to see how others experience diversity elsewhere. Is life easier in Montreal when you’re 18 and from a minority background? To find out, they drive around the city in a yellow bus meeting young people their age, people from France who have moved to Montreal, academics and community leaders. Using their smartphones, the teens record their adventures and film their reactions to the city. Faced with this other model of society, both close to and far from their own, they question their own identity and paint a fresh, bracing picture of the France of tomorrow!

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